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More than a song...

A movement!

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Choose LoveJill Miller and Rachel Barrentine
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Post-Event Celebration!

CHOOSE LOVE was everywhere!

Sheriff Dave Drew, Jill, Police Chief Rex Mueller, Laura, and Mayor Bob Scott

at the Choose Love Community Event

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Here's how!

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Choose Love Principles

Love is a choice we are all free to make, and it always makes a difference.

√ Honor

Love is showing honor to others by placing a high regard on their feelings, wishes, rights and traditions.

√ Kindness and Compassion

Love chooses to believe the best in others and celebrates our differences through kindness and compassion.

√ Respect

Loving others means respectfully agreeing to disagree, being willing to forgive, listen and be considerate toward others. 

√ Healing

Love is what is needed to heal our communities and our nation, one act of love at a time.

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