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Because Your Wounds Need a Healer

Some wounds go deep, and time doesn't heal them. Some create such an infection that you have to dig deep to uproot the entire wound.

I just found out I have a tooth abscess. The problem is, the tooth already had a root canal. That means I didn't have any nerves in there to feel any pain. I was numb to the infection. And because I wasn't in pain, I didn't know I had an infection…or for how long. It's likely this infection had been brewing for almost two years.

I was reminded how good God is to give us pain. I don't mean He wishes pain on me. I mean, He set our brains up to send pain signals to the body so that we would know something is wrong. I didn't know anything was going wrong in my mouth because I had my pain-o-meters removed with the root canal. So on and on the infection festered.

Time doesn't always heal wounds; sometimes it promotes infection.

I wonder how long my body has been fighting an infection? I wonder if the majority of the fatigue and achiness I've been living with might be correlated to this? Regardless, this week I had my tooth extracted, the base scraped, and a bone graft to fill the space. Ouch.

Sometimes, we carry emotional or spiritual wounds so deep that the only way to get healed is to have spiritual surgery. We have to be willing to go through the pain, extra heartache, or tackle the fear, in order to get well. But God is the Great Physician. And He has a lot of experience.

Do you know that God refuses to leave your heart unhealed? Every place in your spirit or heart where you have a wound, God is interested in healing it. Every. Single. Place. He loves you too much to just let things fester. But just like in the physical world, you have to give your consent. A surgeon can't just knock you out with a punch and drag you into the OR or dentist chair. You have to be willing to have the work done. You have to sign off. The same is true with God. He is willing to heal any wound you are willing to bring to Him. It doesn't matter how small or big, and it doesn't matter how long it's been there.

God is really good with old wounds.

How do you know when you have a wound? Look for overreactions or sensitivities. Those usually indicate a raw spot. Are there raw spots in your personality? Marriage relationship? Your church? With your kids? Do you have any triggers? If so, let these guide you to the places that likely need healing. These things can be great indicator lights to help you navigate your wounds.

If you'll let the Lord have His way in you, His healing will flow into you and through you. In the process you will experience some pain, but the pain and work will be worth it. You are worth it! On the other side of the surgery is healing, new skin, new life, and fresh mercies. Just imagine the people you will be able to encourage as they work through their wounds. They say hurt people hurt people. But the truth is, healed people heal people too.

Let God have access to your wounds. Don't let them become infections. Open the door to your heart. Let Him dig around. He knows how to take care of you better than you do. You can rest in that.

Say yes and let Him begin to heal your wounds this week.


Rachel B.

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