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Choose Patience

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.”

Psalm 37:7 (ESV)

Be still. Wait Patiently.

These are two extremely difficult tasks in a world that demands instant gratification!

We live in a world where things can come to us quickly. Whether we want a quick answer to a question or want to talk with someone now, technology provides us with a quick response and we receive instant gratification.

The problem is that while some things have become quicker to receive and achieve, there are still some great things in life that require time, and being impatient can produce negativity in our life.

Impatience takes away our JOY!

As a parent, I am reminded about the number of times I answered my children with “no” or “later.” Those answers are given to our children because we are doing what is best for them. We are closing the door, even if just for a while. The door will be swung open when they're a little older and ready for whatever waits on the other side.

Our Heavenly Father knows what is best for us too.

Oh, how many times I have experienced my Heavenly Father say “no” or “later” or "closing a door," at least for now. The response I typically give is the same one my children gave me…a whole lot of whining and complaining!

God calls us to patience. Not only patience, but when we are experiencing a time that is uncomfortable, as Christians we are called to be patient without complaining! Ugh!!!

When God isn’t giving us that instant gratification, when He isn’t answering immediately to resolve our problem or give us what we want, we begin to question whether He cares, or sometimes whether He even exists.

Just like the pushback we experience when our children decide to question us or do what they think is right, when we walk away from God, what we experience is disaster.

As much as we know what we want, God knows what is best!

My sister Sara loved the quote from Victor Hugo, Have courage for the great sorrows in life and patience for the small ones. And when you have finished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake. This quote is filled with lessons, comfort, knowledge and peace.

The quote gives us instruction on how to take action in life, and it provides us with direction on when to let go. Let go of the notion that we really are in control.

What we do have is the courage inside us when the trials we face seem to be constantly pounding at our door. It tells us that we have the patience we need at our disposal for those moments in life that are just that - moments - unless we choose to give those moments the power with our own anger or pride or justifications. The quote tells us that we will face difficulties daily and that we shouldn’t run from them or hide from them until someone else takes care of them for us. They are battles for us to fight, our joys to relish, our burdens to face, with grace and patience.

Whether the day is filled with difficulties or not, they are our daily tasks to face and complete. And at the end of the day, because we face our life for what it is...with courage, patience, and reverence for the gift God provided...we will be able to go to sleep in peace, because God is awake! When we surrender our lives to God and finish what He asks of us for the day, we are able to rest without fear and worry. And He never sleeps. He is awake, walking the path we will take tomorrow.

With this in mind, choose to be patient, go to sleep in peace.

God is awake.

With love and joy,


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