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Choose to Evaluate

At Choose Conference, each week we do a facebook live choose chat where we throw out a challenge for the week. Our challenge this week is “CHOOSE TO EVALUATE.” As we close the door to 2020 and open the door to 2021, many of us are looking ahead and setting goals, ready to put 2020 behind us and move forward. I would like to also challenge you to evaluate 2020. When we only look forward, we may miss the opportunity to learn. 2020 was hard for everyone and it is easy to only focus on the negative and have the urge to close the door and try to forget it. Take some time as you close the door to 2020 to evaluate what went well, and how could it have been even better. What did you choose not to do during the year that could’ve improved some of the outcomes you faced? Starting with evaluation will make goal setting even better. My friend Jill and I were having a conversation about goal setting, the importance of visioning and setting goals, AND how to leave enough room for God’s ultimate goal for us. Heavy question, isn’t it? One that I’m sure everyone of us have wrestled with at some point. Maybe it comes down to the perspective I have in setting goals. What if instead of thinking of goals as a way of challenging us, we set goals as a way of pacing ourselves? Instead of looking at the goals as things to work hard AND achieve, we look at them as things to work hard at AND use as a benchmark to achieve? God doesn’t want us to just sit and wait for Him to reveal His plan. He wants us to move forward and set our goals with Him. The key is to be flexible enough with your plan to allow His plan to be the one we ultimately achieve. Those goals we set can be deflating when we aren’t able to achieve them. Maybe a benchmark is easier for us to adjust to and pivot with, when God has another plan for us to achieve. I pray you and your families have a blessed and joy filled new year! With love and joy, Laura Pedersen

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