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Choose Your Path

As I was reflecting on this week’s word to focus on, I couldn’t help but think of the Robert Frost Poem about two roads diverging in the woods. The poem argues for the importance of our choices, both big and small, since they shape our journey through life.

I think in front of every person God lays out paths for us, which are choices for us to make. Whichever path you choose to walk down, I think God is on it making sure you see the potholes you could fall in, the pebbles you could trip over, and the sunshine that could warm your face through the trees.

In every instance, I truly believe He is putting the possibility of blessings on the path if we are willing to reach out and take them.

In the book, “The Cure,” the authors start out Chapter 1 talking about two roads (paths) in life. One path is to please God, and the other is to trust God. At first glance when I read it, my thought was…I want to do both!

Then the authors continue to explain the two paths.

On the path to pleasing God, there are good intentions, which again appealed to me.

Then came the explanation of good intentions. Good intentions are the masks that individuals wear and the eventual increase in tension it creates.

The constant striving to be who I think others, and God, expect me to be. The pressure of good intentions becomes too heavy to bear. Oh, could I relate!

How about you?

On the path of trusting God, the terrain along the path may be a bit more difficult and more emotional, and yet, also more honest. No masks were worn and others truly cared about you. There was GRACE.

No disappointment. No condemnation. Only delight. Only love.

I'm not so crazy as to believe any one of the paths chosen will be easy. You might choose a road of self-pity and despair for a while, but eventually you'll stumble on a blessing that will make your path smoother. It's not about God making sure bad stuff never happens. It's about the fact that He holds us when it does.

That's what dad's do best.

They don't stop you from trying new things. They don't tell you not to take any chances. They cheer you on when you choose to try. They tell you that anything is possible. And when you mess up, when you fail, when you fall, a dad picks you up, brushes you off and wipes your tears away. Then he tells you to try again.

No matter what, the importance is to always make it back to the path of God’s truth where we find His grace and love.

I love this question from the book, “What if there was a place so safe that the worst of me could be known, and I would discover that I would not be loved less but more in the telling of it?” When there is grace, we don’t try and fix people. We allow them the opportunity to grow by allowing them to live out who God says they are.

Which path will you choose to walk down?

I choose the path of trusting God. I want the gift of grace from Him. I want to give others that same grace.

With love and joy,


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