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Kingdom Prosperity

Have you ever felt like your everyday experiences in life aren't lining up with your hopes, dreams, and the promises you think God has for your life?

All of a sudden you are feeling like “life just isn’t fair!”

We all want life to be fair. We want goodness to prevail and hard work to mean that life will be easier. The green grass on the other side of the fence that belongs to the people who we feel don't appreciate it, well, we'd like that grass transplanted into our lawn because we have worked at feeding and watering our sparse looking grass in hopes of a fruitful harvest!

One that feels prosperous!

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines prosperity as "the condition of being successful or thriving, especially: economic well-being." When I look at prosperity from this earthly definition, it feels self-centered. It’s all about me. I’m making my goals and desires define my success in life.

When I focus on this type of prosperity, I can easily become a victim of life not being fair. Because reality is, it isn't always fair. Hard work doesn't always mean a bigger paycheck. Some people fall into situations that add lots of money to their bank accounts, but it does nothing for their soul.

What if I changed my perspective of prosperity to success and thriving in the world to one of success and thriving in the Kingdom? After all, this life really isn’t about me. My life is about what God can do in and through me.

Kingdom prosperity goes way beyond financial prosperity and prospering in my own wants, needs, and desires. Kingdom prosperity is an experience that impacts every part of my life! It includes prosperity relationally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, professionally, and socially. It is prosperity of how I have lived life not according to my will, but God’s will.

Prosperity has purpose. God does not just prosper people for no reason. Thriving in the Kingdom isn't a matter of working, sweating, figuring it all out on my own, and striving harder than everyone else around me. That's the world's way.

How would life change if I started growing in relational prosperity with the people that mean the most in my life?

How could I prosper spiritually if I took God's truth and applied it to my life, believing Him when He says that HIs plans for me are good?

How different would my life look if I choose to focus on what I do have instead of comparing my life to those around me?

How might I be stronger and more able to weather the storms of my life if my spirit was prospering with faith, hope and love?

"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers."

3 John 1:2 (NKJV)

Kingdom prosperity is dependent on my soul prospering. My soul prospering is the degree that my mind is renewed with the Word of God.

My one word for this year has been prayer. I have learned that prayer goes deeper than praising, thanking, and asking God for my wants needs and desires. Prayer is also spending time in His word. Lining up my will with His will. Living out the purpose and plan He has for my life. Spending more time in prayer has added to my feelings of prosperity.

Last weekend we had a beautiful Choose Conference that also filled my heart with prosperity! There is nothing that compares with touching others with the Good News of who they are in Christ as we connected with women in a real, intimate way. The Holy Spirit was on the move and my heart was filled to overflowing.

And it had nothing to do with financial gain. I simply knew I was living out the will God has for me, and there's no better feeling in the world.

My neighbor can keep their really green lawn. I'm happy with my less than perfect lawn and my less than perfect life.

With our eyes focused on Kingdom prosperity, we can discover that life is a glorious journey, and God’s will for each and every one of us is that it will be a prosperous one!

With love and joy,


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