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The Kindness of God

More than anything, I crave the kindness of God. I know He’s strong and sovereign. Holy and beautiful. But it’s His kindness that draws me in. For this blog, I’d like to share the story behind a song I recently wrote with a friend of mine. This season of my life is among the most difficult I’ve experienced. It’s a painful and uncertain time. I’ve battled fear, anxiety, loss and the threat of greater loss to come. It feels deep and unrelenting. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted most of the time. So I cry out to the Lord. For deliverance, yes. For guidance, yes. But wrapped up in all of it, I want His kindness to pour over my wounds. Over my vulnerable heart. Over the loved ones that are in this with me. In a psalm of great distress, King David cries out:

“Let me hear Your lovingkindness in the morning;

for I trust in You.”

Psalm 143:8 (NASB)

This is my prayer, too. So I wrote a song, a prayer to my great and good Father, about my longing for His kindness. In all things. At all times. It speaks for itself, so I’ll say no more here and simply pray that God will pour His kindness over your heart as you read on.

Kind Light Leah Paschall, Michael Farren Lead on with your kind light Steadfast in your strength and love And when I fall, pick me up gently Set me back up on a rock Shine down with your kind light Rays of redemption so sweet That in the lovelight of conviction I would forever be free Shield me with your kind light Vanquish the threat of the dark And I will sing songs of your triumph Victory was yours from the start Keep me with your kind light Through shadowed valleys of death And may it be comfort and refuge Follows me with every step Lead on with your kind light To Heaven’s glorious shore Where I’m at home, home with my Savior Safe and secure evermore



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1 Comment

Wow, Leah! What a gift to have you share that song---and I feel that so often. What I hunger for IS God's kindness. Thank you for reminding us all where that kindness comes from.

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