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Where Are You Focused?

Wherever your focus is, your vision will be as well. What you focus your life on will be what motivates you.

I worked for 30 years in Human Resources and Organizational Training and Development. One thing that I learned early on in my career was that you have to keep your focus balanced. Focus on financial, people, and quality/service. The minute the focus was taken off one, the consequence was negative and decisions were reactive.

I think the same is true for life in general. It is important to keep our lives balanced. Our spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and financial lives. What I know is that in order for me to keep each of these pieces balanced I have only one thing I should focus on…HIM! When I focus on Him, none of these items get out of balance.

Where is your focus today? Is your vision clear concerning the things of God and are you paying particular attention to His word and what He is instructing you to do today and again tomorrow?

There are many things in life that focus our media, school, jobs, relationships, how we look, the clothes we want...the list goes on and on. When our focus is not on God, but on worldly things, that is what our decisions and choices will be based on.

When God and His kingdom are your focus, then your vision will be to do everything you can to please Him. You will look to Him for answers when it comes to the decisions and choices you face.

When I get overwhelmed with worldly desires, it is often because I lack the time and energy needed to focus on all that I have in front of me. Time is a finite resource...there are only so many hours in a day. Energy on the other hand, is an infinite resource.

How are you renewing your energy each day instead of draining your energy?

Focusing on God's message and His will and desire for your life, you will find that not only will your energy be renewed, you will find that the time in your day is better spent. By focusing on Him, your purpose in this life will become clear.

Have you ever had someone tell you...'“don't take your eye off the ball?”

They say that because when we take our eye off the ball, we lose focus and ultimately we may lose in the end. It's the same when it comes to surrendering to God. If we don't keep our eyes on Him, we will lose our focus. When we lose our focus, we will feel lost from Him.

I think we will find what we are meant to do when we keep our focus on Him.

Love and JOY,

Laura Pedersen

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